"The Joy of Sharing
God's blessing to the Young"
Youth Centers
Don Bosco Technology Center
Location: Pleasant Homes Subdivision, Punta Princesa, Cebu City
Primary Services: Elementary and Technical High School – Skills Training Center(STP) for Out of School Youth – Technician’s Center and Technician Teachers’ College – College of Engineering – Youth Center – Juvenile Youth in Prison (outreach) – Don Bosco Balamban
Salesian Community


• Elementary – Technical High School
Don Bosco Technology Center provides basic education in the primary, secondary and tertiary level with technical courses in electro-mechanics, industrial drafting, mechanics and woodworking for high school.

• Technician’s Center – Technical Teachers’ College
Don Bosco Technology Center in Cebu opened a College with a ladderized program for Technician Teachers: from one-year Certificate to Three-year Technician to the Fourth Year in Bachelors Degree in Technical Education (BSTE). It equips the graduate with "hands on" experience in the chosen technical specialization prior to his/her formation in the field of education. The standard education subjects are specially adapted to match the needs and competencies of a world-class Technical-Vocational Instructor for young and adult learners. The five-month company exposure at the near end of the course enhances the graduating student's technician skills while serving as a possibility for a sure job after graduation.

• Skills Training Program for Out of School Youth
The Skills Training Program (STP) is a one-year short courses in trade / industrial skills with moral/spiritual, Christian values and attitudes formation especially for the out-of-youth and financially disadvantaged but capable youth allowing the needy young man to find immediate employment and long enough to give him sufficient knowledge and skills needed for his job

• College of Engineering
Courses in Engineering are offered: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) Major in Furniture Manufacturing and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME-MDM) Major in Machine Design and Manufacturing.

The National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. (NARTE) has approved the ECE curriculum of Don Bosco Technology Center where graduates will automatically become a licensed Junior Engineers recognized in the United States and in the E.U.

A new feature in the program for BSIE is the specialized skill in furniture manufacturing that includes the skill to construct wood and mixed media home and office furniture for local and international market. Hence, while forming students who can play leading roles in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems for people, materials, information, equipment and energy, the same students also possess a focused technician skill in furniture.

The Program for Mechanical Engineering is an intensive training in metal fabrication and machining skills that exposes students to electrical and electronics laboratory "hands-on". This makes the student into a multi-skilled or a mechatronic technician even prior to his/her being a management subjects included in the program equip the graduate with basic tools for industrial production leadership.
• Operation Second Chance Training Center (Juvenile Youth in Prison)
Don Bosco Technology Center through its College Department operates a Technical Shop at the Operation Second Chance Center, Kalunasan, Cebu City. This is in cooperation with the Cebu City Task Force for Street Children and the Bureau of Jail Management of the Philippines. The program offers technical skills in Wood, Electrical and Machine Technologies.

• Don Bosco Training Center-Balamban
In the late 1990s, internal migration occurred when Balamban was developed into an industrial zone with catamaran manufacturing, ship building, ship repair, recycling, among its industries. With the offshoot of the industrial movement in the area, there was a great need for a training center where future workers could learn skills and eventually find employment within. Thus, upon the invitation of the town mayor and the local business community, the Don Bosco Training Center was set-up in 1997 with a course offering on Industrial Welding. A year later, the Youth Center was also established, attracting the youngsters in the locality.

The Don Bosco Youth and Training Center is located in Prenza 2.5 kilometers away from the town proper.
• Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC)
Every Sunday afternoon, liturgical services are made available to the people within the neighborhood. The festive oratory characterized by games, cultural activities and catechism follow the 2:00pm mass at the Don Bosco chapel headed by the Spiritual Moderator of the Basic Education Department with the assistance of the brothers in practical training and the youth leaders of the area.

Salesian Community
Fr. Honesto Geronimo Jr. - Rector
Fr. Alan Ross Banogon – Economer
Fr. Noel Sebetero – Vicar/ Dean/ Principal
Fr. John Vernil Lopez, -Spiritual Moderator (BED)
Fr. Anthony Wilbert Dianon - College, tvet,
Cl. Erwin Cabilan – Practical Trainee
Cl. Huan – Practical Trainee

Don Bosco Pasil
Official Name: Don Bosco Training Center and Youth Center
Sto. Niño Parish of Don Bosco
Location: L. Flores Street, Pasil, Cebu City
Primary Service:Parish – Training Center –Youth Center – Social Services
Salesian Community

In 1977, the Santo Niño Parish of the community was entrusted to the administration of the Salesians by His Eminence, the late Cardinal Rosales.

Youth Center Youth signifies hope and promise for the future. But this hope and promise cannot be realized if the youth of today are not properly trained and educated to meet life’s challenges and difficulties. Idleness with poverty as a result of being an out-of-school has forced the young people of Pasil to engage in drug addiction and in crimes. Social Services
Through Don Bosco Youth Center, Don Bosco Pasil provides social services to the children, the youth and the families in the area through the following: Nutrition Program, Scholarship Program, Medical and Dental Assistance, Free Clinic Program, Loan Assistance Program and the Daily Oratory. Don Bosco Pasil serves over 1,500 individuals through these social services and nearly 500 families.

Vocational Training Center
Concerned with this alarming and growing problem, Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers organized and established in 1969 the Manpower Training Center to specifically provide skills training program to poor but deserving out-of–school of the area and arm them with skills they needed to uplift their conditions in life and better still, to keep them off the streets from its evils and ploys.

In keeping with chronological development sweeping the country and the industry’s demand for highly competent workers, Don Bosco- Pasil has organized its training program to specialization of Machine Shop, Automotive, Welding, Woodworking, and Dressmaking. This is also an answer to the demand of Cebu’s Economic Boom.

Courses Offered
Wood and Furniture Technology
Automotive Technology
Mechanical Technology
Dress Making Technology

Salesian Community
Fr. Adrian Mendoza- Rector/ Parish Priest
Fr. Orlando Borres – Vicar/Economer/Training Director
Fr. Gene Llenos – Youth Center In-Charge
Cl. Joseph Son – Practical Trainee
Fr. Felino Albesa – Training Director - Balamban
Br. George Vincent Celis – Economer -Balamban

Don Bosco Training Center Balamban
Prenza, Balamban, Cebu

In 1949, CEBU BOY’S TOWN INC., was founded to become a home for the orphans and wayward tots that loitered about the city streets. After some years of operation, it realized that only people totally dedicated to the youth could make the plan work. Doña Maria Aboitiz proposed to the late Archbishop of Cebu, Julio Cardinal Rosales, for Don Bosco to take charge of CEBU BOY’S TOWN. With approval from the General Superior of the Salesian Congregation in Italy, the Salesians of Don Bosco started their work with a temporary site near the Cathedral on March 19, 1954 and transferred to the present location at Punta Princesa (Labangon). The Salesians soon realized the need for the boys to have a more complete understanding and preparations for life that led to the idea of a school in the center itself. Classes were soon conducted in the center and by June 13, 1960, Boy’s Town as it was commonly called, received government recognition under official name of Don Bosco Technical High school, with a ‘techno-academic’ curriculum from grade four to fourth year high school. Over the years the Don Bosco Technical High School expanded with the construction of new classrooms and buildings that housed the existing technical trades with the help of the boys and the students themselves. The completion of the new shop buildings greatly enhanced the technical training received by the students who at that time reached to a population of about 700 from grade four to fourth year.

As time passed the percentage of the orphan enrollees began to dwindle while the number of middle class students rose. To remain faithful to the original nature of Boy’s Town the school opened the Manpower Skills Training Center (MSTC). The students accepted to this training were young men, ages 18-25, were out-of –school due to financial reasons. Most of the students were high school graduates from the Municipal and Barangay High Schools of Metro Cebu and Cebu province with courses in mechanical, electrical, woodworking and machine technology.

In April 19, 1995, Don Bosco Boys’ Town received the approval from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) to become Don Bosco Technology Center offering a college degree in Bachelor of Science in Technician Education specialized in molding competent technicians, technical instructors and company supervisors. A few years later, they opened their doors for grade one until grade three

Don Bosco Youth Center
L. Flores St., Pasil
Cebu City

P.O. Box 591
6000 Cebu City

+ 63 (032) 261-00-10 Youth Center
+ 63 (032) 261-00-62 Parish
+ 63 (032) 262-05-33 FAX

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Don Bosco-Pasil is situated in one of Cebu’s most depressed areas. It serves 5.000 children and young people in its youth and training centers and serves thousands more of the local families in its social services – medical clinic, feeding center, scholarship program. It traces its roots in 1967 when the Aboitizes, the Salesians and the SVD Fathers joined hands and embarked on a project, called Cebu Boys’ Center, designed to alleviate the sad plight of Cebu’s wayward youths to curb the burgeoning juvenile delinquency problem of the city.

Following the devastating typhoon hit Cebu City with Pasil district suffering the most damage, Fr. Luis Ricciarelli offered his services by facilitating contributions from various social agencies of the city. The Salesians started their apostolate in the area slowly building the Don Bosco Youth and Training Center. The Center was built to reach out and provide guidance to out-of-school youths who would otherwise be victims of various kinds of social evils when left unattended to.

During these last few years changes favorable to the creation of a more dignified community have taken place. Among the factors that contribute to the community’s social upliftment one can mention the growing sense of pride among the residents as well as the valuable contribution of the various government agencies and private civic groups. Together with these bodies Don Bosco- Pasil offers a strong, continuing program of total human development of the community.

Don Bosco Lourdes
Official Name: Archdiocesan Shrine Of Our Lady Of Lourdes
Location: Punta Princesa, Cebu City
Primary Service: Parish – Oratory and Youth Center – Kindergarten – Training Center – School Services – Social Services
Salesian Community

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish was officially and canonically established on January 27, 1957.

Daily Oratory and Youth Center

Mama Margaret Training Center
The Mama Margaret Training Center aims at reaching out to needy out-of-school youths and gives them the opportunity to learn a trade, to help them find an honest way of learning a livelihood and at the same time evangelize these youths in the process of learning a trade. Courses offered include skills for Dressmaking, Tailoring, High-Speed Sewing together with the catechism and other formative experiences.

Scholarship Program
The parish scholarship program sends many children to elementary, high school and college education through a conglomeration of sponsors that provided assistance to over 522 children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school – either because they do not have a permanent income or, the family is far too large for every child to be sent to school. Aside from the benefits related to school needs, students are nurtured to develop their skills and personalities through the formation and seminars and cultural programs offered. Hand in hand with the child development, the enhancement of the family life and the strengthening of the community organization through the basic ecclesial community is also promoted.

Feeding Program
The Feeding Program is a parish-community based service program which aims to uplift the nutritional status of poor and malnourished children. Daily lunchtime meals are served at the Feeding Center to the children beneficiaries as well as to their mothers. Aside from the feeding sessions, seminars on catechism, home healthcare, family life and child development are also integrated into the program. The Center also offers formation for mothers on proper hygiene, herbal making and natural family planning. It also ventures into self-sufficiency programs such as catering services for weddings and special occasions.

Medical and Dental Clinic / PT/OT Center
The medical and dental clinic was to render service to these people, with the holdings of general consultation for all age groups such as morbidity cases, prenatal and post natal cases, natural family and referral of cases for the poor and marginalized families in the parish.

With the collaborative project with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SSHJM) a PT/OT Center was established to serve the poor and indigent families in the localities of Labangon, Basak, Pardo and some depressed areas of Cebu City. It aims to provide theraphy services for children with special needs, especially those with physical disabilities patients.
Multi-Purpose Cooperative
The Multi-Purpose Cooperative is part of the parish Service Committee that takes care of the temporal, material and socio-economic needs of the parishioners. It is intentionally multi-purpose so that it can legally engage in any businesses that may help uplift the economic condition of its members. Because of its juridical identity, legal privileges and tax free benefits, all businesses of the parish are ought to be taken cared of by the cooperative.

Salesian Community
Fr. Jerome Mario Dublois Rector, Parish Priest
Fr. Regino Godinez Youth Center In-charge
Fr. Anastacio Oroc Parish Vicar /Vc
Fr. Leonides Baclay Parish Vicar
Fr. Adriano Satura Economer

Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes
P.O. Box 394,
6000 Cebu City
+ 63 (032) 261-6951 FAX Rector
+ 63 (032) 261-6935 Convent
+ 63 (032) 261-5393 Trunkline
Webpage www.lourdes50.info
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Our Lady of Lourdes Parish was officially and canonically established on January 27, 1957 with Father Clifford, SDB as the first parish priest in time for the Centenary Celebration of the apparition in Lourdes the following year.

Together with outstanding leaders and civic-spirited people Fr. Clifford and Fr. Jose Bosch bound themselves to build a church on a 4,009 square meter lot donated by the late Pablo and Angela Atillo which was officially donated to the Archdiocese of Cebu on March 2, 1956 and was formally accepted on June 3, 1956. In the same year, a small wooden convent was built by the late Eliseo Cornejo. In 1962, a draft of the architectural design of the proposed church was conceived by Engr. Plutarco Diaz, a faculty member of Cebu Institute of Technology.

With Father Jose Bosch-SDB as the new parish priest the development of the parish was brought to newer heights. He acquired the lot where the present church is now located and rolled a huge rock from Buhisan River for the laying of the cornerstone of the new proposed church. An 18 meter-high concrete parabolic shell of the church was erected in 1970 of which the church boasts an overall length of sixty meters and transepts of 22.3 meters. It took over 16 years to finish the present church of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

Don Bosco Borongan
Official Name: Don Bosco Training Center and Youth Center
Location: Taboc, Borongan, Eastern Samar
Primary Service: Youth Center and Youth Campus Ministry – Training Center – Chapel Chaplaincy
Salesian Community

Brief History
Youth Center and Youth Campus Ministry
Don Bosco-Borongan maintains a youth center and administers the Youth Campus Ministry to 59 sections of the Eastern Samar National Comprehensive High School and 15 sections of the Bato Elementary School with the assistance of 20 volunteer catechists It also holds regular leadership and formation trainings to various youth groups in the school and the locality such the religious education program for the town’s elementary schools and high school; Youth Encounters and Leadership Training Programs for school-based and community-based youth groups.

Training Center
Don Bosco Training Center offers a one-year Mechanical Technology Course (with Associate in Welding), Basic Machine Operation and Plumbing, Small engine Technology and Agro-Mechanical Course to out-of-school youths, from 15 to 24 years, with the aim of providing them skills for gainful employment. Don Bosco Training Center-Borongan was awarded by TESDA as the Best Training Center in the area whose beneficiaries are high school drop-outs with the possibility of a high school equivalency designed for out of school youth. Currently, the Training Center receives scholarships from TESDA (PESFA funds) for eight of its trainees.
Courses Offered
Welding Technology (state-of-the-art)
Agri-Mechanical Technology
Automotive (Small Engine)

Salesian Community
Fr. Julius Sanchez – Rector
Fr. Ramon Pacada – Spiritual Moderator / Vicar
Bro. Alex Abelgas - Training Director
Cl. Arnel Mengote – Practical Trainee

Don Bosco Youth Center
P.O. Box 2, Borongan
6800 Eastern Samar
+ 63 (055) 560-9850 Training Center
E-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Don Bosco Borongan is situated in one of the poorest provinces of the Philippines, the island of Eastern Samar. The Salesians established its presence in the area upon the invitation of the Bishop of Borongan, Msgr. Leonardo Y. Medroso, to help the youth of his diocese with ministry and vocational education. In 1993, the Salesians started its work in a 2-hectare land formally established as the Don Bosco Youth & Training Center. The 2-hectare property houses facilities for training and youth activities: two classrooms, two shops, a tool room, offices, comfort rooms, a multi-purpose hall, a football field and basketball grounds.

Don Bosco Mambucal
Official Name: St. John Bosco Parish
Location: Mambucal, Murcia, Negros Occidental
Primary Service:Parish – Retreat House – Social Work
Salesian Community

The parish of the St. John Bosco has territorial limits of 57 square kilometers of inhabited land and 50 square kilometers of unchartered jungle and rain forest, it has an estimated total of 10,000 Catholic faithful. The parish center is in Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental but it has 7 area chapels scattered in its far-flung quarters. Those chapels are the central meeting place for all church activities and over the years, they have assumed broader functions either that of being the communal meeting place or the classroom for pre-schoolers.
Don Bosco Retreat House
DBRH boasts of facilities conducive for meditation and prayer. It has a large function room, 2 dormitories, a chapel, a reflection garden, a rooftop with a panoramic view of Bacolod City, the sea and the island of Panay, and many others.

Salesian Community
Fr. Rey Garcia – Rector/Parish Priest/Economer
Fr. Bryan Butanas – Parish Vicar
Fr. Samson De Leon - Vicar

DB Granada
Fr. John Cardinal – Boarding House In-Charge. SJI
Fr. Jaime Carmona
Fr. Luis Badilla – Administrator
Bro. John Raymond Montejo – Practical Trainee

St. John Bosco Parish
P.O. Box 595
6100 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

+ 63 (034) 710-0802 FAX Retreat House
+ 63 (034) 710-0243 Parish
+ 63 (034) 710-0026 Rector / Convent

It was in 1986 when the Salesians of Don Bosco envisioned to put up retreat house in the province of Negros Occidental where they could further enhance their mission of evangelizing the Church in Negros, especially the youth. This task fell on the shoulders of Fr. Franco Uras. And the vision became a reality at the majestic hilltop of Mambucal, Murcia, through the generosity of the Barandiaran family. This oasis of spirituality came to be known as the Don Bosco Retreat House (DBRH). Henceforth, DBRH became a place where people start, revitalize, or even enrich their spiritual lives.