"The Joy of Sharing
God's blessing to the Young"
FIS Planning Development Office (PDO) is duly instituted to bring about a planned approach to the overall growth of the Salesian presences in the province on areas of socio-economic development, particularly youth ministry.



The Salesian volunteer is a lay person, a man or a woman, a young person or an adult, single or married, who having come of age, and after an appropriate preparation, places at the disinterested service of the young and the working class, especially those who are poor and “at risk,” their professional expertise or other personal gifts and ability, in line with the Salesian charism and mission, in an explicit and continuing commitment.

-definition taken from the salesian document:: “Voluntary Service and Salesian Mission”-

We consider every young person a potential VOLUNTEER, that is a person growing towards a vision of life as a gift, as a vocation, and therefore towards the acquisition of an interior disposition for service; a person in a permanent state of formation towards full human and Christian maturity. At the service of this human and Christian development of the volunteer, VOLUNTARY SERVICE has become the practical expression of an interior attitude of service and solidarity.
SALESIAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE is not limited to young men and women who are practising Christians. It is open to all persons of good will, whether baptised or not, who find themselves in a situation where they are seeking the truth through social action, and share the Salesian ideal and its method, at least in its essentials.

-Preface to the Salesian document: “Voluntary Service and Salesian Mission” –

1. Re-kindle the Missionary Spirit in the hearts of the FIS Salesians.
2. Enkindle the Missionary Spirit in the hearts of Lay Mission Partners and Youth in our Salesian Centers.
3. Organize a strong Salesian Lay Volunteer Movement (SALVO).
4. Organize and Coordinate the programs of Foreign Volunteer Organizations / NGOs working in FIS Province.

Chair: Bro. Carlomagno BACALLA

Fr. Felino Albesa
Fr. John Cardinal

Names of local house coordinators:
1. Don Bosco Provincialate - Bro. Edward Villordon
2. Don Bosco Technology Center -
3. Don Bosco Youth Center, Pasil - Bro. Carlo Bacalla
4. Don Bosco Iloilo -
5. Don Bosco Technical Institute, Victorias - Fr. Felino Albesa
6. Don Bosco, Mambucal - Ms. Alice Tamparon
7. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish -
8. Don Bosco Boys' Home - Fr. Jun Paradiang
9. St. Louis School - Don Bosco -
10. Don Bosco Missionary Seminary Lawaan - Fr. Roneldo Vilbar
11. Don Bosco Mati - Fr. Alan Banogon
12. Don Bosco Maa - fr. John Cardinal
13. Don Bosco Borongan - Fr. Rey Garcia
14. St. Joseph the worker Parish Victorias - Fr. Joemari Bacucang
15. Don Bosco, Pakistan - Fr. Miguel Ruiz


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