"The Joy of Sharing
God's blessing to the Young"




Life is Beautiful...INDEED!
By: Fr. Generoso Llenos. SDB
Ordained Last: May May 23, 2015


My desire to become a Salesian priest began when I would go to Don Bosco Missionary Seminary to visit my elder brother and I would see Salesians and aspirants enjoying while playing table football. Every Sunday I would want to be with them and join them in their game. And I said to myself, I want to enter the seminary. And so I entered seminary immediately after I graduated from elementary.

There I pretty much enjoyed seminary life. There I learned that joy comes in simple things. Food did not really matter as long as you have companions that you enjoy your meal with (Food was indeed terrible when I was in high school). Playing basketball and football was more fun and enjoyable to play with your friends. Everything from eating, playing, working, studying to praying became enjoyable. That was what the Salesians taught me in the seminary that life is beautiful! Their life was not easy, yet they remain cheerful and joyful. Mind you it is difficult to feed about 80 young growing boys who do not pay enough for their food and lodging. Financially, the seminary was always in the red.

But life did not change for them, it remained to be beautiful! This is one of the reasons why I became a priest Salesian, to pass on this message that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! That even if one has problems that cannot be solved, life remains beautiful. That even if life is filled with sadness and pain, life remains beautiful… That the joy of life is not only in the happy and joyful experiences but it is also found in the experience of suffering, in pain and in the problems. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL… INDEED IT IS! I hope the young people to whom I am sent will see this message in my way of living the Salesian priesthood.