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Don Bosco Technology Center


Official Name: Don Bosco Technology Center

Location: Pleasant Homes Subdivision, Punta Princesa, Cebu City

Primary Services: Elementary and Technical High School – Skills Training Center(STP) for Out of School Youth – Technician’s Center and
Technician Teachers’ College – College of Engineering – Youth Center – Juvenile Youth in Prison (outreach) –
Don Bosco Balamban

Salesian Community









Elementary – Technical High School

Don Bosco Technology Center provides basic education in the primary, secondary and tertiary level with technical courses in electro-mechanics, industrial drafting, mechanics and woodworking for high school.





Technician’s Center – Technical Teachers’ College

Don Bosco Technology Center in Cebu opened a College with a ladderized program for Technician Teachers: from one-year Certificate to Three-year Technician to the Fourth Year in Bachelors Degree in Technical Education (BSTE). It equips the graduate with "hands on" experience in the chosen technical specialization prior to his/her formation in the field of education. The standard education subjects are specially adapted to match the needs and competencies of a world-class Technical-Vocational Instructor for young and adult learners. The five-month company exposure at the near end of the course enhances the graduating student's technician skills while serving as a possibility for a sure job after graduation.


Skills Training Program for Out of School Youth

The Skills Training Program (STP) is a one-year short courses in trade / industrial skills with moral/spiritual, Christian values and attitudes formation especially for the out-of-youth and financially disadvantaged but capable youth allowing the needy young man to find immediate employment and long enough to give him sufficient knowledge and skills needed for his job


College of Engineering

Courses in Engineering are offered: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) Major in Furniture Manufacturing and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME-MDM) Major in Machine Design and Manufacturing.

The National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. (NARTE) has approved the ECE curriculum of Don Bosco Technology Center where graduates will automatically become a licensed Junior Engineers recognized in the United States and in the E.U.

A new feature in the program for BSIE is the specialized skill in furniture manufacturing that includes the skill to construct wood and mixed media home and office furniture for local and international market. Hence, while forming students who can play leading roles in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems for people, materials, information, equipment and energy, the same students also possess a focused technician skill in furniture.

The Program for Mechanical Engineering is an intensive training in metal fabrication and machining skills that exposes students to electrical and electronics laboratory "hands-on". This makes the student into a multi-skilled or a mechatronic technician even prior to his/her being a management subjects included in the program equip the graduate with basic tools for industrial production leadership.

Operation Second Chance Training Center (Juvenile Youth in Prison)

Don Bosco Technology Center through its College Department operates a Technical Shop at the Operation Second Chance Center, Kalunasan, Cebu City. This is in cooperation with the Cebu City Task Force for Street Children and the Bureau of Jail Management of the Philippines. The program offers technical skills in Wood, Electrical and Machine Technologies.


Don Bosco Training Center-Balamban

In the late 1990s, internal migration occurred when Balamban was developed into an industrial zone with catamaran manufacturing, ship building, ship repair, recycling, among its industries. With the offshoot of the industrial movement in the area, there was a great need for a training center where future workers could learn skills and eventually find employment within. Thus, upon the invitation of the town mayor and the local business community, the Don Bosco Training Center was set-up in 1997 with a course offering on Industrial Welding. A year later, the Youth Center was also established, attracting the youngsters in the locality.

The Don Bosco Youth and Training Center is located in Prenza 2.5 kilometers away from the town proper.




Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC)

Every Sunday afternoon, liturgical services are made available to the people within the neighborhood. The festive oratory characterized by games, cultural activities and catechism follow the 2:00pm mass at the Don Bosco chapel headed by the Spiritual Moderator of the Basic Education Department with the assistance of the brothers in practical training and the youth leaders of the area.



Salesian Community
Bro. Ngoc Phat Tran - Practical Trainee
Bro. Rooney John Undar - Practical Trainee
Bro. Oscar - Practical Trainee
Bro. Helder Guterres
Fr. Boni Bacatan - College Spiritual Moderator/DBYC
Fr. Rex Carbilledo - Skills Training Program/ Industrial Services
Fr. Eugene Maglasang - Princial (Basic Education Department)/ Dean of College/ in-charge: Alumni
Fr. Reechee Espiritu - Spiritual Moderator (Basic Education Department)
Fr. Ben Fernandez - STP Confessor
Fr. Anthony Gircour - confessor
Fr. Lan Guiao - Rector/ Delegate: Cooperators
Fr. Felix Rotor - In-charge: Balamban
Fr. Ruben Fernandez

Don Bosco Technology Center
P.O. Box 271,
6000 Cebu City

+ 63 (032) 273-2301/ 273-1127 (28, 33) TRUNKLINES
+ 63 (032) 272-1161 FAX Rector
+ 63 (032) 414-3433 Administrator
+ 63 (032) 273-2302 College
+ 63 (032) 273-7815 / 410-0028 Machine Shop
+ 63 (032) 465-0041 Balamban
+ 63 (032) 273-1978 DB - TRC


E-Mail Rector BED/College TVED Boarding House DBYC Balamban


In 1949, CEBU BOY’S TOWN INC., was founded to become a home for the orphans and wayward tots that loitered about the city streets. After some years of operation, it realized that only people totally dedicated to the youth could make the plan work. Doña Maria Aboitiz proposed to the late Archbishop of Cebu, Julio Cardinal Rosales, for Don Bosco to take charge of CEBU BOY’S TOWN. With approval from the General Superior of the Salesian Congregation in Italy, the Salesians of Don Bosco started their work with a temporary site near the Cathedral on March 19, 1954 and transferred to the present location at Punta Princesa (Labangon). The Salesians soon realized the need for the boys to have a more complete understanding and preparations for life that led to the idea of a school in the center itself. Classes were soon conducted in the center and by June 13, 1960, Boy’s Town as it was commonly called, received government recognition under official name of Don Bosco Technical High school, with a ‘techno-academic’ curriculum from grade four to fourth year high school. Over the years the Don Bosco Technical High School expanded with the construction of new classrooms and buildings that housed the existing technical trades with the help of the boys and the students themselves. The completion of the new shop buildings greatly enhanced the technical training received by the students who at that time reached to a population of about 700 from grade four to fourth year.

As time passed the percentage of the orphan enrollees began to dwindle while the number of middle class students rose. To remain faithful to the original nature of Boy’s Town the school opened the Manpower Skills Training Center (MSTC). The students accepted to this training were young men, ages 18-25, were out-of –school due to financial reasons. Most of the students were high school graduates from the Municipal and Barangay High Schools of Metro Cebu and Cebu province with courses in mechanical, electrical, woodworking and machine technology.

In April 19, 1995, Don Bosco Boys’ Town received the approval from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) to become Don Bosco Technology Center offering a college degree in Bachelor of Science in Technician Education specialized in molding competent technicians, technical instructors and company supervisors. A few years later, they opened their doors for grade one until grade three.